Rediscover the vitality and pleasure of living your best life


We allow your mind and body to simply rest, and allow the natural healing process to take place. You will reconnect with the world around you and more importantly the world inside you


Experience the natural beauty of the Hudson Valley. Quiet your mind, calm your soul. Enjoy our specialities such as organic meals, fresh juices and broths, massage, meditation and more. All elements are customized for your exclusive benefit. Redbird will be an experience you will never forget.


Through the use of a Living Food methodology, RedBird is truly a wellness destination. Achieve weight loss in a healthy way while also carrying out a process of cleansing and purifying the body.
Our focus in on your long term well being and as such we provide the education you need to maintain your results after you leave.

Rest, Relax, Revive

RedBird is a true oasis. We are a holistic health and wellness destination for individuals who suffer from high stress, anxiety and exhaustion. We are the only place where you can experience a natural state of rest, tranquility and relaxation.

We also make it a point to provide transportation throughout NYC, including Manhattan, Brooklyn Heights, Long Island City, Astoria, Westchester, and parts of New Jersey and Connecticut, so you can focus on relaxing the moment we pick you up.


Promote weight-loss through healthy lifestyle habits and eliminate excess toxins from the body.


Recover vitality, balancing body mind and soul


Bring the body back to global well-being by improving your physical condition.


Achieve inner balance and remove the chaotic pace of everyday life that strains the body


Recover vitality, balancing body mind and soul


Reduce premature causes of aging, through a holistic understanding of health.

Unlock the secret of living

"Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food"

- Hippocrates

Our focus at RedBird is to provide you with the ability to bring yourself back to the present moment and experience the richness of your life again. You’ll connect with the world around you, and more importantly the world inside you.

We offer stress management, fitness, life coaching, delicious raw food meals and more, all combined with luxurious private accommodations. We seek to nurture your mind, body and spirit and will provide you with the resources you need to navigate tomorrow,  by focusing only on today.

RedBird’s exclusivity allows you to come anonymously. This allows you  to be yourself and create your own private experience 

Our methodology follows the natural healing philosophy of Living Foods. Our philosophy regards the mind, the body and the spirit as one whole.  

We teach a natural way of living, leading to a life free of disease, also offering the ways for healing the body.


How are we different?

We only accept 1-3 guests at a time.

Your privacy is respected.

We are all about de-stressing and relaxation, pampering and enjoying
the here and now.

Accommodations for 1-client program available for a totally private stay if desired.

We are an oasis of calm.

Come Relax With Us

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